308 Nickel Plated Pen

308 Nickel Plated Pen

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308 plain nickel plated brass pens are great for those that like the natural bullet look or a lower cost option. These are unfinished so they will naturally age so can be polished on occasion like most jewelry to restore the bright finish.

Made from once fired 308 Winchester brass, these pens are drilled out and left with the natural brass. We then install the pen hardware in options such as copper, black, gunmetal, gold, gold satin, silver, silver satin or chrome depending on the pens. If you don't see a particular option of hardware with a pen you are interested in let us know as we can most likely make it.

Since these are once fired cases they may have dings or scratches from being fired. These pens are refillable with cross style refills which can be purchased in several colors but we ship them with black ink standard.

308 Bullet Pens ship for free in the United States.